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"Holistic approach to financial Consulting" The Epoch Times

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"Unlike financial companies that offer a cookie cutter approach with an underlying “one size fits all” philosophy, Twinbridge said its primary goal in business is to understand each client’s unique financial needs and objectives."  To view this article, please click The Epoch Times.

Why should I partner with Twinbridge?

Twinbridge is your financial advocate every step of the way.  Who wouldn't benefit from a second pair of eyes reviewing their portfolio, someone scheduling meetings, tracking performance and paying attention to tax ramifications - all at no cost!

Am I able to move my trust to another financial institution?

The ability to move a trust is determined mainly by the terminology that was used in the drafted document.  Call Twinbridge to have your trust evaluated for its portability.  There is no fee for this service.

Are there fees associated with engaging a new financial manager?

Generally there are no fees imposed on you especially if the account is transferred "in kind" or if it is a cash account.  With electronic transfer, the process should be seamless for you.

Can Twinbridge help us increase the cash flow from our portfolio?

Not directly.  Twinbridge has a stable of financial managers who evaluate portfolios and make suggestions on how to generate more cash flow.

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How hard is it to make a change from my current investment manager?

Relatively easy.  The hardest part is the time-consuming aspect of meeting with several investment managers in order to give give you the basis for making a sound financial decision.  

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"The only stupid question is the question that is never asked."  Ramon Bautisa

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