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Selecting managers is not a toss of the dice.

How we screen our Managers 

  • Safeguarding and growing assets
  • Dedication to client service
  • Commitment to an investment philosophy
  • Clear investment strategies
  • Range of investment offerings and allocation
  • Consistent buy and sell disciplines 
  • Notable returns compared to a benchmark
  •  Performance over full market cycles
  • Extensive research capabilities
  • Attention to tax implications
  • Reasonable fees 

Meet investment managers with long-term success records.


Our goal is to carefully match clients with quality managers who structure portfolios to meet your individual investment mandates.  Their success is your success. 

We begin by exploring your financial objectives, risk tolerance, cash flow needs, and time horizon in order to fully understand financial objectives.

Next step, Twinbridge recommends 2-3 managers who are closely aligned with your specific goals.

Meetings are then set up for us to hear presentations from investment managers and their support teams.  

After completing the "interview" process and weighing your options, the selection of a financial manager is made.

Transferring investable assets to a new manager is seamless to you.

Fee Structure

No Client Fees

Twinbridge does not charge for its services except in rare retainer-based relationships. Standard portfolio management fees apply and are billed directly by the financial institution.  Your management fee is not increased as a result of working with Twinbridge. 

​Our Services to You

Twinbridge offers clients a personalized approach to selecting financial managers.

Your Process

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You are not alone in this continuing process.  Twinbridge schedules portfolio reviews and timely tax meetings, receives duplicate financial statements, tracks your performance and monitors the relationship. 

How we work with you

Twinbridge clients have access to additional resources through strategic partnerships with respected financial managers, accountants, estate and family lawyers, health care specialists, and personal and medical boil-paying professionals.

A Team of Support

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